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Why can industrial fans cover a large area?

Why can industrial fans cover a large area?

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ThecomfortbroughtbyShuoTianLingChuangIndustrialFanisunmatchedbyotherfans.Belowyouwillfeelthethree-dimensionalairsupplyfromalldirections,coveringthewholebodypart,sothattheevaporationsurfaceofthesweatwillreachalargesize,thusforminganaturalresemblancetonature.Breezesystem.Itnotonlyhaslowspeedandlowpower,butalsocoversalargearea,ensuringventilationanddryingintheworkarea.Sowhydoesthelowspeedandlowpowercoveralargearea?   ThereasonwhyAnfuLingchuangindustrialfanscancoversuchalargeareadependsontheuniquestreamlinedfanbladedesign,whichcanreducetheresistancetosmallandconvertthehighefficiencyofelectricityintothekineticenergyoftheair.   Inaddition,theairflowstructureoftheAnfuindustrialfanisdifferentfromthatoftheordinarysmallfan.Thesmallfancanonlycovertherangeofthefandiameter,andtheindustrialfanfirstpushestheairflowverticallytotheground,andthenforms1-3metersontheground.ThehighairflowlayerformsanoversizedcoverageareathatisnotlimitedtotheundersideoftheAnfuLingchuangindustrialfan.Inanopenspace,afancanevencoveranareaof​​1400m2.   1.AngFuLingindustrialfanandsmallfancontrast:   Acoveredareaof​​7.3Mindiameterisapproximatelyequaltothecoverageareaof​​50small0.75Mfans.Forexample,ina9000-square-meterfactory,itishopedthatthefullcoverageeffectwillrequireabout300smallfansandonlysixindustrialenergy-savingfans.   Accordingtotheuseof4years,8monthsperyear,10hoursperday,about10,000hoursoftotaloperation,powerconsumptionof90000KWfeelsh,smallfan1080000KWfeelsh,energysaving990000KWfeelsh,energysaving92%.   2.AnfuLingchuangindustrialfanisusedtogetherwithairconditionertosavemorethan30%energy.   ThereasonwhyAnfu'ssuper-largeindustrialfancancoversuchalargeareadependsontheuniquestreamlinedfanbladedesign,whichcanreducetheresistancetosmallandconvertthehighefficiencyofelectricityintothekineticenergyoftheair.
  The comfort brought by Shuo Tian Ling Chuang Industrial Fan is unmatched by other fans. Below you will feel the three-dimensional air supply from all directions, covering the whole body part, so that the evaporation surface of the sweat will reach a large size, thus forming a natural resemblance to nature. Breeze system. It not only has low speed and low power, but also covers a large area, ensuring ventilation and drying in the work area. So why does the low speed and low power cover a large area?
   The reason why Anfu Lingchuang industrial fans can cover such a large area depends on the unique streamlined fan blade design, which can reduce the resistance to small and convert the high efficiency of electricity into the kinetic energy of the air.
   In addition, the airflow structure of the Anfu industrial fan is different from that of the ordinary small fan. The small fan can only cover the range of the fan diameter, and the industrial fan first pushes the airflow vertically to the ground, and then forms 1-3 meters on the ground. The high airflow layer forms an oversized coverage area that is not limited to the underside of the Anfu Lingchuang industrial fan. In an open space, a fan can even cover an area of ​​1400m2.
1. Ang Fu Ling industrial fan and small fan contrast:
    A covered area of ​​7.3M in diameter is approximately equal to the coverage area of ​​50 small 0.75M fans. For example, in a 9000-square-meter factory, it is hoped that the full coverage effect will require about 300 small fans and only six industrial energy-saving fans.
   According to the use of 4 years, 8 months per year, 10 hours per day, about 10,000 hours of total operation, power consumption of 90000KW feels h, small fan 1080000KW feels h, energy saving 990000KW feels h, energy saving 92%.
2. Anfu Lingchuang industrial fan is used together with air conditioner to save more than 30% energy.
   The reason why Anfu's super-large industrial fan can cover such a large area depends on the unique streamlined fan blade design, which can reduce the resistance to small and convert the high efficiency of electricity into the kinetic energy of the air.