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Job Offers

Position: Domestic and foreign network sales specialist (multiple)

Age: 20-28 years old Gender: Unlimited Work location: Panyu, Guangzhou Treatment: Negotiable

description of job:
1. Mainly through the network platform multi-channel, all-round release of company product information, and timely record and update enterprise products.
2. Use the relevant software to perform artistic processing on the product.
3. Optimize the company's network.
4. Complete the relevant tasks assigned by the superior.
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, e-commerce, marketing or computer science.
2. Has more than one year of network sales experience (excellent fresh graduates).
3. Have a certain market insight, can quickly target potential target markets, and submit online marketing reports in a short time.
4. Familiar with the B2B platform, able to use a variety of computer commonly used software, have a certain understanding of SEO. Web page editors or CAD drawings are preferred.
5. Work conscientiously, be good at communication, and have good professional ethics.